About Us

Fantasy Football is a Lifestyle

We talk fantasy football all year round with our friends, family, and co-workers. Fantasy is more than just a game, it’s part of who we are. Whether you’re a diehard making trades in the off-season or fan that lives for Sunday game day, Fantasy Football T-shirts wants to provide you with apparel that matches your level of commitment. We have everything from stylish championship gear to tank tops to coffee mugs.

About Fantasy Football T-Shirts

Fantasy Football T-Shirts is the official shop for Gridiron Experts. Mike Rigz, Owner of Gridiron Experts and Fantasy Football T-Shirts, wanted to build something more than just a shop for swag. As a long time Fantasy Football junkie, Mike knew there needed to be a stylish clothing line for men and women that catered to the diehard fanbase. The goal was to create a cool clothing line that all Fantasy Football fans could wear, any day of the week.

“I spent a lot of time researching different shirt types. I wanted a high-quality cotton shirt that was soft and would last long at a fair price. My goal is to have all my consumers recommend Fantasy Football T-Shirts to their league mates, family, and friends.” – Mike Rigz

T-Shirts over Trophies

I have one longtime fantasy league with friends and family that is going into its 13th season. In this league, we use an old football helmet as our league trophy. At the end of the year, the Champ would sign his name on the trophy at draft day in front of all league owners. It’s a fun tradition, however, as much as I love our league trophy, I think a T-Shirt has more of a lasting effect. With the goal of having new Championship designed here at FantasyFootballT-Shirt.com, a league owner can extend his championship to more than just a signature on a helmet. It can be a Facebook profile picture for an entire year. A Championship T-Shirt can be trash talk without having to open your mouth. It goes where you go, and your league owners have to suck it up.